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Next Generation Engagement and Therapy

Through the use of virtual reality technology, MyndVR is improving the quality of life for older adults. 

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Effective Solutions for Senior Care at Scale

With our senior population projected to grow tremendously over the coming years, the 21st century will see a dramatic increase in the need for care for age-related health challenges, such as Alzheimer’s / Dementia, isolation, and depression.

Digital Therapeutics (DTx) are a viable, low-intervention solution to these challenges that can be deployed quickly and at scale, empowering aging adults to live fuller, healthier lives, and their caregivers to deliver more effective personalized care.

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The MyndVR Solution

MyndVR is a unified platform that delivers therapeutic interventions in a more scalable and efficient way than traditional therapies, increasing the accuracy of care while reducing the long term-cost of treatment. Through the combination of intuitive software, advanced hardware, and user-focused experience design, MyndVR's suite of virtual reality experiences is a therapeutic solution ready for the future of senior care.

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Who We Serve

With diversity built into its design, MyndVR is accessible and stimulating for all users. Whether you are a senior living community operator, a home care provider, an older adult aging-in-place, or anything in between, we have a therapeutic virtual reality solution for you.

Proven Results

Since 2016, MyndVR has empowered older adults to reclaim the world through virtual reality-based therapy. Our team has established distribution and research partnerships with the most prominent names in healthcare, technology, and academia.  

MyndVR Partners

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Reminiscence Therapy

“Fishing was one of the things my husband loved before cancer and age just made it impossible for him to do anymore. When he got to do a virtual fly fishing trip he was beaming from ear to ear. It’s the happiest I’ve seen him in months!”


MyndVR User

Clinical Research

MyndVR has assembled a world-class advisory board and research coalition of university and private-sector researchers to study the impact of Virtual Reality on age-related conditions.

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MyndVR Research Partners

  1. Rawlins, Caitlin & Veigulis, Zachary & Hebert, Catherine & Curtin, Catherine & Osborne, Thomas. (2021). Effect of Immersive Virtual Reality on Pain and Anxiety at a Veterans Affairs Health Care Facility. Frontiers in Virtual Reality. 2. 719681. 10.3389/frvir.2021.719681.

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