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Senior-Targeted Metaverse Services: MyndVR Partnered with Oroi to Create Tailored VR Experiences

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Colin Smith


'MyndVR' is a digital therapeutics company that primarily works with virtual reality (VR) technologies. It recently announced a partnership with 'Oroi,' a VR content platform, whereby the two entities will collaborate on a set of therapies and experiences for seniors in the metaverse.

The experiences are divided into three categories: cognitive stimulation, physical therapy, and occupational experiences. The cognitive stimulation is provided by 'Oroi Cognitive,' a platform that includes games, exercises, daily activities, and social experiences tailored for senior citizens. This helps the users remain mentally stimulated and fulfilled, even without having to travel in the real world.

Oroi Fit is the content hub for physical therapy activities. This platform offers immersive exercise regiments that simulate enlightening outdoor experiences, such as biking through the countryside, rowing down a calm river, or running through a forest.

Lastly, Oroi Content provides social experiences and immersive content for senior users. This involves online interactions, video games, video series, and other forms of mental stimulation that help prevent Alzheimer's and dementia while averting loneliness.

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