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From powering your headset to cleaning your tablet screen, our Quick Start Guide and training videos will provide you with all the information you need to get the best results from your Mynd Immersive devices.

Quick-start Guide - MyndXR

This guide will help you set up your Mynd devices and launch immersive videos and apps. 

lick the button below to download the Quick-start Guide:

  • How low of charge can my equipment tolerate?
    We recommend using fully charged equipment for the best experience. The tablets will experience functional degradation if the battery goes under 20%. The external battery pack will power the headset until it runs out, but we recommend keeping the charge above 50% to preserve the battery's useful life.
  • How do I know my equipment is plugged in properly?
    The provided charging cords should light up at each end when properly connected to your devices.
  • Do I need to charge the headset?
    No – there is a small internal battery within the headset, but this battery is kept fully charged by the external battery.

Any Questions?

Contact our support team:

(800) 620-7630

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