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MyndVR Essentials

With the largest library of senior-friendly virtual reality content and new releases every month, our Essentials package provides older adults the opportunity to transcend their four walls and reclaim the world that age and disability have placed out of their grasp.  

Our senior-friendly virtual reality content library features a diverse collection of original and licensed 360-videos carefully produced and curated to maximize positive outcomes for older adults, all in a way that is fun and engaging.

The Benefits Go Beyond Entertainment

Every video available in our Essentials package serves as an effective source of reminiscence, distraction, and/or recreational therapy.


Click through the tabs below to learn about the benefits of these therapeutic interventions:

Reminiscence therapy is an intervention that improves self-esteem and provides older individuals with a sense of fulfillment and comfort as they look back at their lives and converse with others about past experiences.

Key health benefits:​

A MyndVR User commenting on her VR trip to Paris:

"I couldn't believe that I really was seeing the pictures that I used to see with my dad in books and I actually was in the middle of it all."

Access a World of Experiences

With an ever-growing library of hundreds of virtual reality experiences, MyndVR Essentials™ opens the door to a world of engaging and therapeutic opportunities.







Activity Programming Calendars

Make Caregiving Easier

Designed for stress-free activity programming, our interactive calendars provide activity directors, caregivers, and loved ones with...

  • A monthly schedule of virtual reality experiences

  • Talking Points to help fuel engaging conversations between seniors and caregivers

  • A variety of featured content to reflect themes of the month

Contact us for more information and get started with this month's programming calendar, today!

Interested in MyndVR Essentials?

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