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A systematic process that utilizes  activity-based interventions to address the assessed needs of individuals with illnesses and/or disabling conditions, as a means to psychological and physical health, recovery and well-being.

Recreational therapy can be administered through a variety of techniques, but those with limited access to the outside world cannot fully benefit from such activities. Some contemporary technologies (i.e. smartphones) may solve this problem to some extent, but Virtual Reality is the most effective solution.

VR breaks down barriers that prevent older adults from participating in therapeutic recreational activities and provides highly immersive experiences that match real-life.



  1. Lowers levels of depression

  2. Enhances attention, memory, and perception

  3. Increases self-confidence and acceptance of disability

  4. Strengthens communication and cooperation skills

  5. Enhances feelings of well being

  6. Decreased social isolation and increased affiliation with others

Kevin Higa

Son of MyndVR User - Los Angeles, California

Just seeing it in my mom that when she does it, she is happy and excited. She likes it. She likes going places, so she gets to do that, and it's a cool thing


Carina Vargas
Life Enrichment Coordinator at Aspyre Rock Creek - Fort Collins, Colorado

We thought [MyndVR] would be a good way for our residents to get out and to travel and explore without jeopardizing their safety...and they love it.

Georgiana Schuldt
MyndVR User at the John Knox Village - Pompano Beach, Florida

There were buildings, fountains, and tourists walked in front of me and I could almost touch them, it’s great and it’s like I was there.

Recreational Therapy_bottombanner_light.

Older age comes with increased barriers that make it difficult for seniors to fully participate within their communities, but VR provides the resources to partake in recreational therapy without needing the physical or cognitive ability that is often required.

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