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Make Therapy Fun for Patients and Easy for Caregivers

The Therapy Room of the Future

MyndVRx™ is the most advanced digital therapeutics solution offering older adults the opportunity to enhance physical activities, master ADL exercises, and re-train the brain in a controlled virtual reality environment that allows the patient to be transported into a scenario without having to relocate.

Cognitive and Physical Stimulation for Older Adults

  • Develop life skills

  • Gain static and dynamic balance

  • Work on coordination

  • Practice range of motion

  • Gain kinesthetic awareness

  • Improve physical condition

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Screenshot (1132).png

Simulate Activities of Daily Living

  • Navigating the home 

  • Making coffee 

  • Locating and purchasing items at the grocery store 

  • Organizing misplaced household items 

  • Identifying sounds

The Most Engaging Physical Therapy Experience

  • Combines the use of adapted pedals with the stimulus and motivation provided by immersive virtual reality environments 

  • Eliminates distractions

  • Improves physical condition

  • Encourages consistent exercise

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Interested in MyndVRx?

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