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Post-Acute Care

Provide long-term care patients with a more engaging and efficient rehabilitation process. 

A New Digital Health and Wellness Solution in Long-Term Care

The process of recovering from an injury can be challenging and often results in long-term effects on mood and well-being. Using Mynd Immersive, aging adults can engage in a new, innovative approach to the healing process that promotes engagement, access, and positive outcomes.

Life skills


Static and dynamic balance

Range of motion

Kinesthetic awareness

Physical health

Mynd offers a library of immersive 360 videos and interactive games that assist with post-acute rehabilitation for a range of conditions, which can speed up recovery, helping patients regain function in a way that is both accessible and enjoyable. Patients can practice activities of daily living in an immersive, repeatable environment, or engage in activities that train cognition and range of motion.  

  • Locate and purchase items at the grocery store

  • Navigate the home and put away misplaced items

  • Play games to strengthen focus, memory, and decision-making

  • Improve physical condition while pedaling through engaging immersive environments

  • Reduce anxiety and depression through meditation and relaxation modules

Transform the Rehabilitation Experience 

  • Promotes positive therapeutic outcomes through engaging and fun exercises

  • Users compete with their previous score, increasing motivation and engagement

  • An easy-to-use digital therapeutic tool with a broad range of medically validated treatments and exercises

Make the Therapist's Work Easier

  • Caregivers can track their patients' therapeutic progress through statistics and metrics, improving treatment adherence and accuracy of care

  • Access a growing library of modern, effective therapies

  • Provides additional tools to address the needs of patients across Occupational, Physical, and Speech therapy

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“Our continued focus on cutting-edge technology like Mynd Immersive further enhances our clinical programming and outcomes and demonstrates our commitment to patient-centered care and healthy aging-in-place solutions.” 

Anna Gardina Wolfe

CEO and Co-founder,

Select Rehabilitation

Our VR Therapy Offering

Over the past 6+ years, we have developed a new genre of digital health and wellness with a diverse collection of immersive content, designed to improve outcomes and make therapy fun and engaging for older adults, veterans and those who care for them.  

Occupational / Physical / Speech

Optimizes the client’s physical and occupational performance through gamified exercises that encourage a more efficient and engaging rehabilitation process.


Engaging and fun activities help improve patients’ mood and reduce feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety.


Provides cognitive rehabilitation through simulated activities of daily living in a stimulating immersive environment.


Provides the necessary resources for seniors to partake in recreational activities without needing the physical or cognitive ability that is often required.


Improves self-esteem and provides older individuals with a sense of fulfillment and comfort as they look back at their lives and converse with others about past experiences.


Diverts attention away from anxiety, pain, and other unpleasant symptoms through the use of pleasing sensory stimuli.

What's Included

Through the combination of advanced software, hardware, and experience design, Mynd Immersive's suite of virtual reality experiences is an effective therapeutic solution for older adults suffering from a range of conditions age-related conditions

Immersive Glasses

+Hand Controller

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Mynd Immersive

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Virtual Reality Content Options

Mynd Essentials

Includes the largest library of senior-friendly immersive videos.

  • 100 immersive videos

  • No internet connectivity required

  • Original and licensed content

  • Customer Success Package


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Everything in Mynd Essentials, plus monthly video releases and premium VR applications for an enhanced immersive therapy experience. 

  • 250+ immersive videos

  • New releases every month

  • Premium VR Apps

  • Customer Success Package


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MyndXR - Coming Soon

Interactive VR modules designed to enhance occupational, physical, and speech therapy outcomes.

  • Cognitive games

  • PT / OT exercises

  • ADL / IADL training modules

  • Customer Success Package


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Cutting edge immersive content for caregiver training and staff wellness.

  • Caregiver Skills Training

  • Dementia Training

  • Relaxing immersive videos

  • Customer Success Package


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Interested in bringing Mynd Immersive to your post-acute care organization?

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