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Senior Living

Mynd Immersive enables operators of senior living communities to engage residents in truly innovative activities and therapies that foster physical, cognitive, and mental wellness.

Enhancing Life in Senior Living Communities

Aging adults in senior living communities often feel that they have lost their ability to engage with the outside world:

Decreased mobility and other health complications impact their ability to travel, connect with others, and participate in stimulating activities. Mynd Immersive’s expansive library of immersive content can help aging adults become immersed in some of the world's most engaging experiences. Through the combination of immersion and connectivity, Mynd can reduce sundowning and agitation, improve communication and socialization, and help create new memories while reinforcing old ones.  

Go Beyond the Community

  • Engage in a wide range of experiences through an expansive library of immersive content

  • Travel anywhere in the world with MyndExplorer™, an integrated application using Google Earth API

  • An easy-to-use device with a profound impact on well-being:

    • Keeps the mind active and sharp through immersive stimulation​

    • Empowers seniors with the ability to choose where they go

    • Reduces feelings of loneliness and isolation​ and instills feelings of joy, comfort, and peace of mind​

Making Life Easier for Caregiving Staff

  • Easy to implement with initial training and ongoing support

  • Works great in one-on-one and group activities fun and exciting for both residents and staff 

  • Strengthens connections and generates a deeper knowing of residents – helping to deliver a more individualized care plan

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In one case, a resident living with Alzheimer's exhibited personality traits she had prior to the diagnosis, including dancing smiling, and singing.

Brian Barnes

President and CEO, The Blakeford

Nashville, Tennessee

Our VR Therapy Offering

Over the past 6+ years, we have developed a new genre of digital health and wellness with a diverse collection of immersive content, designed to improve outcomes and make therapy fun and engaging for older adults, veterans, and those who care for them.  

Occupational / Physical / Speech

Optimizes the client’s physical and occupational performance through gamified exercises that encourage a more efficient and engaging rehabilitation process.


Engaging and fun activities help improve patients’ mood and reduce symptoms of isolation, depression, and anxiety.


Provides cognitive rehabilitation through simulated activities of daily living in a stimulating immersive environment.


Provides the necessary resources for seniors to partake in recreational activities without needing the physical or cognitive ability that is often required.


Improves self-esteem and provides older individuals with a sense of fulfillment and comfort as they look back at their lives and converse with others about past experiences.


Diverts attention away from anxiety, pain, and other unpleasant symptoms through the use of pleasing sensory stimuli.

What's Included

Through the combination of advanced software, hardware, and experience design, Mynd Immersive's suite of virtual reality experiences is an effective therapeutic solution for older adults suffering from a range of conditions age-related conditions

Immersive Glasses

+Hand Controller

VIVE Flow - MyndVR Logo - 5.24.png

Mynd Immersive

MyndVR Care Tablet - VR Experiences Grid.png

Virtual Reality Content

MyndVR Essentials

With the largest library of senior-friendly virtual reality content and new releases every month, our Essentials package provides older adults the opportunity to transcend their four walls and reclaim the world that age and disability have placed out of their grasp. 


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MyndVR+™ opens the door to a world of premium virtual reality features providing an enhanced immersive therapy experience that expands upon our Essentials.


Learn More


The most advanced VR-based digital therapeutics solution offering older adults the opportunity to enhance physical activities, master ADL exercises, and re-train the brain in a controlled virtual reality environment that allows the patient to be transported into a scenario without having to relocate. 


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Interested in bringing Mynd Immersive to your Senior Living Community?

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