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The Mynd Platform

A Mynd Immersive Subscription gives you access to a world of engaging, therapeutic VR experiences. 

Our senior-friendly virtual reality platform comprises three VR products available to all Mynd Immersive users: MyndVR Essentials™, MyndVR+™, and MyndVRx™. Each houses a unique collection of VR content, applications, features, and therapeutic benefits.

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MyndVR Essentials

Includes the largest library of senior-friendly virtual reality content.

Hundreds of 360-videos

New releases every month

Original and licensed content

Activity Programming Calendars


Includes everything in MyndVR Essentials, plus premium VR applications for an enhanced immersive therapy experience. 



Includes interactive VR experiences designed to enhance occupational, physical, and speech therapy outcomes.

Cognitive games

PT / OT exercises

ADL / IADL training modules

Interactive experiences

MyndVR Essentials

With the largest library of senior-friendly virtual reality content and new releases every month, our Essentials package provides older adults the opportunity to transcend their four walls and reclaim the world that age and disability have placed out of their grasp.  

MyndVR Essentials

Our senior-friendly virtual reality content library features a diverse collection of original and licensed 360-videos carefully produced and curated to maximize positive outcomes for older adults, all in a way that is fun and engaging.

The Benefits Go Beyond Entertainment

All 360-videos available in MyndVR Essentials™ serve as an effective source of reminiscence, distraction, and/or recreational therapy.

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Reminiscence therapy is an intervention that improves self-esteem and provides older individuals with a sense of fulfillment and comfort as they look back at their lives and converse with others about past experiences.

Key health benefits:​

  • Strengthens morale 

  • Increase engagement

  • Reduces feelings of anxiety

  • Improves ​cognition

A Mynd User commenting on her VR trip to Paris:

"I couldn't believe that I really was seeing the pictures that I used to see with my dad in books and I actually was in the middle of it all."

Activity Programming Calendars

Make Caregiving Easier

Designed for stress-free activity programming, our interactive calendars provide activity directors, caregivers, and loved ones with...

  • A monthly schedule of virtual reality experiences

  • Talking Points to help fuel engaging conversations between seniors and caregivers

  • A variety of featured content to reflect themes of the month

Contact us for more information and get started with this month's programming calendar, today!

Interested in MyndVR Essentials?


MyndVR+™ Includes everything in MyndVR Essentials, plus premium virtual reality applications for an enhanced immersive therapy experience. 



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The Future of Human Connection

MyndConnect™ allows older adults to share their VR experiences with remote family members and friends in real-time. 

Relationships with loved ones are essential to the emotional and mental well-being of older adults, so MyndConnect™ was designed to strengthen seniors' relationships with family and friends by providing shared experiences that introduce new, engaging conversations, reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, and maintain lasting bonds.



Explore Any Location in the World

MyndExplorer™ allows seniors and their caregivers to virtually visit and explore any location on earth, unlocking joyful memories of past trips and providing a powerful and engaging therapeutic tool designed for reminiscence and socialization therapies. 

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MyndExplorer™ takes older adults to the towns they used to live in years ago, the parks they used to go to, and even their favorite places to vacation. This experience helps them to recall those places and the anecdotes they have in each of them, as well as stimulating interaction and the transmission of memories between users.

A Powerful Tool for Reminiscence Therapy

  • Reduces stress and anxiety through nostalgia

  • Stimulates autobiographical memory and episodic memory

  • Promotes social interaction through conversation 

  • Reduces boredom