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The Mynd Platform

A Mynd Immersive Subscription gives you access to a world of engaging, therapeutic VR experiences. 

Our senior-friendly virtual reality platform offers four different VR products: Mynd EssentialsMynd+MyndXR, and MyndCare. Each houses a unique collection of immersive experiences, applications, features, and therapeutic benefits.

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Mynd Essentials

Includes the largest library of senior-friendly immersive videos.

  • 100 immersive videos

  • No internet connectivity required

  • Original and licensed content

  • Customer Success Package

MyndXR  - Coming Soon

Interactive VR modules designed to enhance occupational, physical, and speech therapy outcomes.

  • Cognitive games

  • PT / OT exercises

  • ADL / IADL training modules

  • Customer Success Package


Everything in Mynd Essentials, plus monthly video releases and premium VR applications for an enhanced immersive therapy experience. 

  • 250+ immersive videos

  • New releases every month

  • Premium VR Apps

  • Customer Success Package


Cutting edge immersive content for caregiver training and staff wellness

  • Caregiver Skills Training

  • Dementia Training

  • Relaxation/Meditation immersive experiences

  • Customer Success Package

MyndVR Essentials

Mynd Essentials

Mynd Essentials offers a comprehensive library of 100 immersive experiences, all designed to enhance recreational, reminiscence and distraction therapy for older adults in senior living communities, home care settings, hospice and palliative care facilities and similar environments. No Internet connectivity is required.

Our senior-friendly virtual reality content library features a diverse collection of original and licensed immersive videos carefully produced and curated to maximize positive outcomes for older adults, all in a way that is fun and engaging.

The Benefits Go Beyond Entertainment

All immersive experiences accessible through Mynd Essentials™ serve as effective sources for reminiscence, distraction, and/or recreational therapy.

Click through the tabs below to learn about the benefits of these therapeutic interventions:

Reminiscence therapy is an intervention that improves self-esteem and provides older individuals with a sense of fulfillment and comfort as they look back at their lives and converse with others about past experiences.

Key health benefits:​

  • Strengthens morale 

  • Increase engagement

  • Reduces feelings of anxiety

  • Improves ​cognition

A Mynd User commenting on her VR trip to Paris:

"I couldn't believe that I really was seeing the pictures that I used to see with my dad in books and I actually was in the middle of it all."

What's Included

Immersive Glasses

VIVE Flow - MyndVR Logo - 5.24.png

Mynd Immersive

Care Tablet.png

Hard Case for Devices and Attachments


Interested in Mynd Essentials?

Mynd Essentials Plus


Mynd+  offers an evergrowing library of 250+ immersive experiences and interactive therapy content, all designed to enhance recreational, reminiscence and distraction therapy experiences for older adults in senior living communities, home care settings, veterans homes, hospice and palliative care facilities, and similar environments.


An Enhanced Immersive Experience

  • Group sessions with multiple headsets

  • New immersive experiences every month

  • Cast your favorite experiences onto an external display

  • Premium VR therapy apps - MyndExplorer™, Butterflies™, and Mynd Theater™.

Premium VR Apps

Screenshot (1441)_edited.jpg


Explore any location on earth to unlock joyful memories and facilitate reminiscence and socialization therapies. 



Strengthen range of motion, coordination, and physical condition all in a way that is engaging and fun. 

MyndVR - Stage Access - Release Image-2.jpg

Mynd Theater

Experience iconic performing arts programs featuring Yo-Yo Ma, The 3 Tenors, and other legendary classical artists in a state-of-the-art virtual theater environment

What's Included

Immersive Glasses

VIVE Flow - MyndVR Logo - 5.24.png

Mynd Immersive

Care Tablet.png

Hard Case for Devices and Attachments


Interested in Mynd+?


Coming Soon


 MyndXR empowers licensed therapists with groundbreaking tools to seamlessly integrate immersive technologies into therapeutic interventions.

The Therapy Room of the Future

MyndXR helps Therapists (PT/OT/ST) facilitate rehabilitation and maintenance of current levels of function through a diverse suite of VR-based cognitive games and exercise modules, plus a comprehensive library of immersive video content for managing pain or anxiety.

MyndVR - Butterflies Interactive VR-based Digital Therapeutics DTx Game.jpg

Cognitive and Physical Stimulation for Older Adults

  • Develop life skills

  • Gain static and dynamic balance

  • Work on coordination

  • Practice range of motion

  • Gain kinesthetic awareness

  • Improve physical condition

Simulate Activities of Daily Living

  • Navigating the home 

  • Making coffee 

  • Locating and purchasing items at the grocery store 

  • Organizing misplaced household items 

  • Identifying sounds

Screenshot (1132).png

Engaging Physical Therapy Experiences

  • Eliminates distractions

  • Improves physical condition

  • Encourages consistent exercise

What's Included

HTC XR Elite
Immersive Glasses

Mynd - XR Elite.png

Mynd Immersive

Care Tablet.png

HTC XR Elite

htcvivexrelite (1).png

Interested in MyndXR?


MyndCare is specifically designed for caregivers,  family members, volunteers and staff in a senior living or skilled nursing facility as a resource for both staff training and relaxation purposes.


Next Generation Caregiver Training and Wellness

  • Enhances employers' competitive edge through the utilization of the world's most innovative and user-friendly caregiver training platforms.

  • Promotes emotional wellness and mental stability through a diverse library of relaxing immersive video content.

Benefits of Training in Virtual Reality

275p more confident-2.png

275% more confident applying skills learned with VR training

4x more focused-2.png

Learners are 4x more focused than traditional learning

40 p decrease-4.png

Reduces enterprise training time by up to 40%

Sources: Pfizer, PwC, INVISTA, Sprouts Farmers Market, Inc.,, Oberon, EchelonVR, OssoVR

Screenshot (221).png

Dementia Training

Access 20+ virtual scenarios that will equip caregivers at any level of experience with the tools and knowledge needed to improve the quality of life for patients with Dementia.     · 


Mynd Immersive Caregiver Training Program

Engage in a variety of VR training modules and go beyond the basics in understanding, supporting, and empowering patients on their path to achieving optimal function and well-being.

CARE VRx POV_4_edited.jpg

Immersive Videos

Boost caregiver wellness and employee retention by providing care staff with a diverse library of relaxation and meditation-based VR experiences. 

What's Included

Mynd Immersive

Pico G2 4K-Mynd Branded.png
  • Portable Powerhouse: Compact for use anywhere at anytime.

  • Sharp Visuals: 4K imagery for lifelike experiences.

  • Ergonomic Design: Lightweight for extended comfort. ​​

    • 278g vs 503g (Meta Quest 2)

Interested in MyndCare?

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