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The Great American Elderverse

Give underserved seniors access to the world with virtual reality.

Social Impact for Seniors Nationwide

The Great American Elderverse is a major philanthropic program and joint effort by Mynd Immersive and our 501(c)(3) partner, the Consumer Technology Association Foundation (affiliated with the producers of the annual CES tradeshow).
Your tax-deductible donation will help bring joy, alleviate social isolation, and improve physical and cognitive health for underserved seniors across the country. Together, we can provide transformative experiences that redefine aging and enhance the quality of life for those who need it most.

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Join the Movement

Whether you represent the corporate or private sector, your support is crucial for the continued success of The Great American Elderverse. Directly contribute to creating moments of joy, reducing social isolation, and fostering cognitive health for underserved seniors nationwide.

You can make a meaningful impact by contributing to our program through tax-deductible donations to our partner, the CTA Foundation. Your generosity will help us expand our reach by:

  • Choosing a general donation to support our nationwide rollout

  • Or, opting for a directed donation to benefit your community, city, or region specifically.

Additionally, if you know of senior living communities that align with our mission, we welcome your recommendations.

For more heartfelt giving and donation submission guidance, please submit the form below:

Older adults benefit from using virtual reality headsets, study finds

Virtual reality headsets may seem like devices for the youngest among us, but Stanford University researchers found they have benefits for older adults as well. Jeremy Bailenson, one of the study's authors, joins CBS News to break down the findings.

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