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  • What is the difference between the MyndVR kit and a headset I buy at the local electronics store?
    There are several differentiating characteristics. MyndVR was specifically created to accommodate older adults and their caregivers. The VR products sold in traditional stores are typically created and marketed to younger audiences who grew up with VR and have a history in gaming. Our system has been designed to accommodate someone who has never used VR gear before, with a friendly interface, familiar graphics, and right-out-of-the-box setup. You'll be up and running with MyndVR in minutes! A MyndVR system also includes a companion tablet, not just a headset. This makes it even easier to setup and browse videos. It also allows you to use MyndVR as a shared experience! While one user is using the headset, the other can join along on the tablet. Imagine touring a zoo or museum together and talking about what you're seeing in real time. Or when you're both tapping your feet together to the rhythm of a Broadway show! Perhaps most importantly, when you buy a VR headset at a mass-market electronics store, you'll probably find yourself in an alien environment overwhelmed by animated zombies and violent war games. MyndVR has the largest library of VR experiences produced and curated specifically for older adults. That means proper camera angles, motion, pacing, music, font sizes, etc. MyndVR makes VR familiar, comfortable, and enjoyable!
  • Will VR make my loved one dizzy or nauseous?
    The occasional dizziness that you may have read about in the past has been fixed in more recent VR headsets - like the ones used by MyndVR. We've also taken years of experience and developed one of the most sophisticated search tools to help you find VR exerpiences that are right for you. With MyndVR, it's easy to identify and screen out experiences with heights, speed, etc. If goats or kittens aren't your favorite thing, simply designate that in the search screen, and those videos will disappear!
  • What if I wear glasses? Will it still work?
    Absolutely. Though many people find that they don’t need their glasses when using our headset, if glasses are needed, the headset easily accommodates space for the glasses to remain on.
  • Will I see all the videos then get bored?
    The MyndVR library has hundreds of videos, and we're constantly adding new ones every month. With VR experiences across Travel, Pets, Action, Music & Arts, Learning, and Nature, we're sure you won't get bored!
  • What is Engagement Therapy and Reminiscence Therapy?
    We at MyndVR feel that it's vital to keep older adults engaged and active in new experiences. Engagement Therapy at it's most basic is finding activities, stimuli, and environments that expand the world beyond the four walls that limit someone. We try to stimulate minds, provide new experiences, and give people something to talk about other than the food and weather! Part of that engagement can be Reminiscence Therapy, where memories can be stimulated by sights and sounds of places you've visited, things you've done, music you love. Reminiscence Therapy can bring people back into a state of "presence" where they're more communicative and open to intercting with others around them.

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