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Press Release

MyndVR continues expansion with acquisition of Immersive Cure




Combined companies accelerate solutions for seniors, Veterans, and hospice care providers

PLANO, Texas, Dec. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- MyndVR, the leading provider of virtual reality solutions for older adults in the United States, announced the acquisition of virtual reality therapy company Immersive Cure. Jessica Benson, Founder of Immersive Cure, will join MyndVR as the VP of Market Development.

Image Credit: MJHS Health System

Already we see the benefits of this merger as we sign on MJHS as a new client.

Benson co-founded Immersive Cure in 2019 with her team with the intention to support and improve the lives of older adults, Veterans, and those who care for them through virtual spaces. In 2020, Benson and her team expanded outreach to national hospice and Veteran organizations.

"Acquiring Immersive Cure was a natural choice as our team continues to grow," said Chris Brickler, CEO of MyndVR. "MyndVR remains focused on giving back to people in need and improving lives. Jessica has been a leader in this space, and we are excited for her to join MyndVR."

Benson is a leading national evangelist for virtual reality in healthcare with a focus on hospice, senior and Veteran care. She saw an underserved population in need not only in nursing homes but in Veterans and hospice care.

"I'm proud and excited to join MyndVR and contribute to their incredible growth," Benson said. "Already we see the benefits of this merger as we sign on MJHS as a new client."

The acquisition of Immersive Cure has also led to a new partner for MyndVR, New York-based MJHS Health System (MJHS). MJHS is connecting with MyndVR / Immersive Cure to study how virtual reality can improve the quality of life for their hospice patients. The initiative will be funded through a Veteran-focused grant from TD Bank. The pilot provided by the MyndVR / Immersive Cure merger will launch at Isabella Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care, a member of MJHS Health System, on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day to offer this modality to their residents and patients—specifically those who are Veterans—before expanding to MJHS Hospice patients in other parts of the Greater New York Area. Veterans will be able to see, hear and move among the memorials in Washington, D.C., that honor their service.

"This exciting, innovative pilot helps us offer our hospice patients who are Veterans a new, thoughtful and therapeutic break from the reality of their diagnosis," said Thomas Lamb, a U.S. Navy Veteran who is also the Veteran Liaison at MJHS Hospice. "This unique effort is expected to be equally powerful for the loved ones of our Veterans. In addition to the "wow" factor, we believe it will help facilitate conversations that allow families to better express heartfelt emotions, discuss shared memories, as well as commemorate personally significant life moments, including military services milestones."

About MyndVR:

MyndVR is the leading provider of Virtual Reality solutions for senior living communities, home health care agencies, State and Federal Veteran homes and individual adults aging in their own homes. The company has licensed a vast library of VR content and created MyndVR Studios to produce therapeutic experiences that positively impact the lives of seniors, Veterans, and other groups. The company's technology enables older adults to interact with the outside world in truly innovative ways that foster engagement, cognitive wellness and above all, joy and happiness.

MyndVR is committed to conducting extensive research in order to measure the therapeutic effect of VR. These studies will continue to measure the health care outcomes, including cognitive, visual, emotional and physical effects on older adults.

About Immersive Cure

Founded in 2019, Immersive Cure is a virtual reality (VR) therapy company that creates virtual experiences to help reduce patient pain, stress, and anxiety. Their mobile virtual reality kit, RoVR!, allows caretakers to provide patients with a sense of calm and escape. Recently, Immersive Cure is focused on developing relationships with national Veteran organizations following the positive mental impacts VR technology provides to Veterans.

About MJHS Health System

The roots of MJHS Health System (MJHS) date back to 1907, when four courageous Brooklyn women saw people in desperate need of care and loving kindness. Based on the core values of compassion, dignity and respect, and with the help of charitable support, they provided poor, elderly members of the community with quality health care and a safe place to live. The organization they founded has expanded from one small building among the tenements to one of the largest not-for-profit health systems in the region providing home care, hospice and palliative care for adults and children, Isabella and Menorah Centers for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care and the research based MJHS Institute for Innovation in Palliative Care. It also includes Elderplan, which offers health plans for Medicare and Dual Eligible beneficiaries and its managed long-term care plan, HomeFirst, one of the original MLTC plans in New York.

MJHS is proud to care for people of every race, ethnicity, faith, national origin, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or military status. Many MJHS Health System programs and services are aided by grants from MJHS Foundation, which is supported by private and corporate donations, as well as grants.

For more information about MyndVR, please contact Jennifer Budres at 5W Public Relations, at

For more information about MJHS Health System, please contact Audrey Waters at or visit

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