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Tech company uses virtual reality to treat veterans with PTSD

Fox 7 Austin

Mike Warren


Company uses VR to treat veterans with PTSD -
Chris Brickler, CEO of MyndVR, joins FOX 7 Austin's Mike Warren to discuss how his company is offering a new approach to help veterans struggling with PTSD.

AUSTIN, Texas - There are a myriad of approaches to treat and offer relief for PTSD. One of the more high-tech methods utilizes virtual reality.

Chris Brickler, the CEO of MyndVR, spoke with FOX 7 Austin's Mike Warren about how his company is using VR to treat veterans with PTSD.

MIKE WARREN: So Chris, explain the technology.

CHRIS BRICKLER: We're using VR in a different way. We're reimagining away from gaming to a healthcare mode where we bring VR for health and wellness and, in our case, with older adults and veterans.

MIKE WARREN: How does the technology help veterans with post-traumatic stress?

CHRIS BRICKLER: Many of the vets we work with are aging Vietnam and Korean War vets, and we try to lighten up their day. We try for better mood structure and better sleep patterns and meditative VR content, and it helps with physical and occupational therapy as well. And when you think about PTS and its side effects…when we can use VR to help with agitation and reduce anxiety, these things are very exciting and there's a lot of promise with this science.

MIKE WARREN: What facets of PTSD does it help with?

CHRIS BRICKLER: Well VR works across a continuum of care. With PTS for younger vets, there's exciting science. One of our board members has developed a tool where desert-based warriors can be brought into situations to work on exposure therapy and to relive some of those situations, and VR is useful for simulations.

MIKE WARREN: What's the track record of success?

CHRIS BRICKLER: We're deploying with the VA and over 100 homes with the state veteran's homes, that's a good project where we've seen VR used as a therapeutic to these homes. It's having a wonderful impact on the balance of mental and physical health and emotional health. VR is well suited to help on all fronts.

MIKE WARREN: Chris Brickler, thank you.

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