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Mynd Immersive & Stage Access Bring the Healing Power of the Performing Arts to You

Mynd Immersive and Stage Access have partnered to deliver world-class performing arts programming to Seniors around the world.

Through our partnership with Stage Access, seniors at any level of mobility will be able to enjoy the healing power of music, dance, and theatre, all from the comfort of home.

Experience the Sensation of Live Opera, Classical Music, and Dance in a State-of-the-Art “Virtual Theater”

Get easy access to a dazzling library of iconic brands and legendary performing arts programs featuring Yo-Yo Ma, The 3 Tenors, and other legendary classical artists.

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The Healing Power of Classical Performing Arts

Research has shown that access to the performing arts can enhance the quality of life and well-being for older adults, helping to improve mood and socialization, reduce stress and support overall cognitive function.


“The enormous health and medical benefits of music therapy have been widely acknowledged and advanced for more than 75 years. Digital therapeutics combining sound + visuals in a Virtual Reality environment now offers a new horizon for music and arts-based immersive content to entertain, stimulate, inspire, comfort, invigorate and heal. I am so pleased to support and contribute to this pioneering initiative between Stage Access and MyndVR, together establishing a progressive therapeutic platform that proves more than ever the uniquely powerful impact of music and the arts on our well-being.”

Luke Crampton

Author and renowned Musicologist, Strategic Advisor – MyndVR Studios

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