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What is


The use of pleasing sensory stimuli to divert attention away from an unpleasant experience.

Personal technology distractions like video games and puzzles can provide strength to endure negative experiences, but Virtual Reality takes this a step further. 

A 360-image is highly immersive and allows individuals to completely transcend their realties.



  1. Shifts attention away from pain

  2. Reduces cravings for fatty foods and addictive drugs

  3. Relieves feelings of boredom

  4. Reduces feelings of anxiety, depression, and fear

  5. Strengthens one's ability to tackle new challenges


Dr. Joseph Maroon

Neurosurgeon - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In a 360-degree, virtual realty setting, the distraction is so great that the depression, anxiety, and fear is suppressed or eliminated for that period of time.

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Daughter of MyndVR User - Long Island, New York

As soon as [my dad] took the goggles off, he was talking about it and he was thrilled! I don't see that every day.

Jennifer Sawyer 

Infusion Center Patient - Lewiston, Maine

It's like you're outside. It's all around you so you can turn your head in any direction...I felt really calm going through it. I think I would recommend it to people who were going through treatment. 

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In a world where the overuse of medications has led to addiction, overdose, and death; finding new alternatives to dealing with pain and mental illness is a priority and VR serves an effective alternative.

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